Every scroll transition is managed by a custom jQuery plugin that handles common options. You can customize these scroll transitions further with these html data options.

Transition Data Options

Data Option Description
data-duration The duration or the distance scrolled for the animation. Units in pixels or percent of window height. (Default: 100%)
data-responsivethreshold You can set a screen width threshold that disables the scroll transition. The threshold is in pixels and whenever the screen width is below the threshold the scroll transition is disabled. It will be reenabled if the screen width becomes bigger than the threshold. (Default: 0)
data-staggereddelay This option is only used for the staggered-transition-wrapper. Define a delay between 1.0 and 0.0, 1.0 meaning no delay and 0.0 being max delay. (Default: 0.8)

Transition Methods

Method Description
destroy Destroy the scroll transition plugin on this instance.

Scroll Triggered Transition

If you don't want your transition tied directly to your scroll and instead want the more traditional way of using scroll just to trigger the animation, simply set the data-duration to 0.

  <div class="card fade-in-out up-in-out" data-duration="0">
    <div class="card-image">
      <a href="blog.html"><img src="images/poly5.jpg"></a>
      <span class="card-title">Why Are You Still Reading?</span>